Scare City - Camelot Theme Park

After delivering an incredible Scare City 2022 at the abandoned Camelot Theme Park throughout October and November One Digital approached Sterling Event Group to help create a bigger and better Scare City for 2023!

After weeks of strategic planning and creative thinking, Sterling assisted in the design of the all new and improved Scare City Experience with new unearthed scare zones and mazes.

The new improved horror attraction was made up of 10 zones where Sterling where Sterling provided AV support throughout. They were able to create an intimate horror experience with the use of several bespoke Lighting and Audio packages.

The team worked tirelessly to install the site wide production with over 7500 metres of power cable, 600 metres of data cable, 100 speakers running simultaneous audio outputs over Dante Networking and over 250 lighting fixtures.

Sterling have become a trusted partner of the Scare City Experience. They always supply innovative av solutions of the highest quality with professional service and are a valued contributor to our overall event design from the very earliest of the planning stages


Sterling were able to create a uniquely horrifying experience for all to enjoy throughout the months of October and November. They created a full walk-through of the site and brought each of the 10 separate zones to life with their own bespoke packages. Sterling provided equipment throughout such as Chauvet Cumulus Low lying Fog Machine that aided in creating the illusion of eerie mist, in keeping with the horror theme.

Sterling also provided bespoke lighting packages for each zone, ensuring each zone felt brand new and just as thrilling as the one before. Some of the lighting packages included kit such as LEDJ Spectra Par 15Q8 which cast shadows over Gravity Live’s Actors, keeping them as the main focal point throughout the attraction. Along with other fixtures such as the Equinox Blitzer II Strobe which pushed the thrill and excitement throughout.

Keeping in touch the the history of the site, The Castle has always been one of the main focal points. The Castle proved to be one of the best and largest zones throughout the 2023 experience. The zone and featured exterior lighting to help highlight the main focal points, using SGM P-5 LED Washes to wash the front and back of the Castle, along with six IP rated beamlights to give a searchlight effect around the Castle. Inside, we installed a d&b PA system including 2x J-Subs to add punch to the screeching and spooky soundtrack that accompanied the adventure through the space.

Sterling installed a site-wide fibre network which included full redundancy that distributed audio and lighting networks across the entire acre site. The lighting network also incorporated various GPIO inputs that were triggered by visitors, for example when visitors walk through a break beam sensor the signal would create a change in the lighting state. These changes can include strobes to fire, smoke to fire, small air actuators to fire in a sequence which would give the illusion of someone knocking on a wall, air jets that would blast passers-by, or trigger a video playback system.

Our Grand MA2 console drove the complete system of inputs and outputs, this enabled a centralized control position with one operator monitoring the full site-wide system. This also enables us to offer items such as emergency stop buttons, which can be located far from the console,  these stop buttons would trigger emergency ‘open white’ states from a convenient location, by non-technical staff, or buttons for actors or the public to use to in the event of an emergency.

While programming the system the network infrastructure enabled us to connect to any consoles in a zone of your choosing to complete programming. This allowed us to monitor the status of compatible fixtures from the console using RDM over the network, which helped to reduce fixture errors and downtime.

The event has been voted ‘Best Scare Attraction 2023’ by Scare Track!


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