Sterling Event Group provides full service technical production and equipment hire. We recognise that our daily operations and event-related activities inevitably impact on the environment and we are committed to minimising these effects.

This policy alongside our environmental policy enables us to set objectives towards sustainable development which can be measured and monitored regularly to ensure continual improvement against set targets and our principles of sustainable development which include Inclusivity, Integrity, Transparency and Stewardship.

All Directors & Management have responsibility for socialising this policy, ensuring that requirements are being met, and for the coordination, evaluation of ongoing performance and all team members. In particular, we will:

  • Ensure appropriate resources will continually be made to ensure the implementation of this policy in full, and throughout the supply chain and lifecycle of the event. Discuss this policy and related sustainability issues with all employees, conduct training programmes and commit to leadership and the sharing of best practice. Meet and where appropriate, exceed the requirements of all relevant legislation relating to the aspects identified. Where no regulations exist, we shall set our own exacting standards.
  • Seek to reduce the following: consumption of materials in all operations, giving consideration to event and product life cycle, re-use rather than dispose wherever possible, and to promote re-cycling and the use of re-cycled materials. Offer alternative solutions such as digital signage to replace printed graphics. Whenever and wherever practicable prevent pollution and harmful emissions and their impact on ecology. Noise, visual and other impacts on the local environment. The consumption of water and energy, negative social and financial impacts, through the promotion of fair contractual terms, local sourcing, stakeholder wellbeing and equality.

Richard Bowden

Managing Director

May 2021