The event industry is constantly evolving to suit client demands for innovation and more environmentally conscious solutions for their events. New technology is always being developed to enhance and improve events and at Sterling Event Group we pride ourselves on our creativity and drive to stay ahead of the curve with our new event production ideas for our agency and private clients. Here we take a look at some of the current event production trends we’re seeing to provide inspiration for your next event.

Webcasting & Live-Streaming

With the current challenges the world is facing with regards to travel and social gatherings, the events industry is taking every opportunity to adapt. Whilst live streaming and webcasting have been available options in recent years, their popularity and necessity is growing in the current climate to allow companies to remain engaged with employees, consumers and suppliers alike when the opportunity for face to face meetings is no longer feasible. In addition to health considerations, setting up your event in one location and streaming this out to delegates around the world also reduces the environmental impact of your event. For many companies this not only coincides but also supports their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint in the coming decades. From the network infrastructure required to support such streaming to the camera setups, streaming platforms and technical support, Sterling Event Group are well placed to assist with emerging online event formats.

Interactive Experiences

Event organisers are always looking for new and exciting ways to create interactive experiences for their guests and step away from the ‘death by PowerPoint’ setup. Technologies such as 3D projection mapping, holograms, video mapping and real-time generative content allow guests to interact more than ever before. RFID and Beacon technologies, as well as facial recognition allows everything from attendee management, security and audience mapping, to the triggering of real-time events as a guest moves from one position to another in the event space. Throwable wireless microphones add an interactive fun way to run traditional Q&A sessions and increase guest engagement, whilst lighting can be used in unique  ways to create different moods as you move through various spaces. Lighting is often a cost-effective way to really make an impact. Wireless LED technologies are now commonplace, speeding up install times and allowing for lighting designs which haven’t always been available before.

‘Insta’ Moments

For most people social media is an integral part of daily life and events need to harness this to maximise their event marketing and ROI potential. Of course there are still those closed-door corporate events where social media is not an important element, but for those that aim to target the Millennial and Gen Z markets with their products or services, creating those ‘moments’ that inspire audiences to share via social media channels can be a crucial marketing tool. The impacts can go beyond that upon physical attendees and create an impact within the wider social media sphere. These ‘moments’ can be in a variety of forms, such as wow-factor  displays for show openers through the use of creative lighting shows, 3D mapping and even pyrotechnics to deliver key brand messages. These act to capture people’s attention and drive them pick up their phones to share. Other popular requests include the placement of photo opportunities around the event spaces to encourage engagement during arrival or break periods. These might be in the way of unique displays that incorporate the brand or event messages, and the use of logos to create ‘selfie’ worthy opportunities; all supported by curated hashtags to keep the messaging targeted. If the event is open invitation then sharing  of fun moments and wow-factor show openers can pique interest for future events and help grow attendance figures too.


We have recently seen a global movement towards more environmentally friendly activities across all industries and the event industry is no exception. Live events by nature can be incredibly wasteful with huge quantities of date-specific print items being produced and disposed of post-event, as well as event specific branding of spaces and stage sets using Foamex and custom fabric prints, alongside fluctuating guest numbers there’s always a risk of food waste too. From a production perspective we’ve had to evolve and digital alternatives to directional and promotional print signage have flourished. Where there was once a pull up banner or printed totem with welcome info, these are now being replaced with portrait mounted LCD screens or totem digital displays constructed from our new Absen PL2.5 Pro LED video wall. If print is still essential, we are moving toward the use of Dispaboard instead of Foamex where feasible as this material is fully recyclable.

As event planners move towards using sustainable products, the traditional stock stage set design has also been challenged. Our team now create a range of reusable and sustainable backdrops that can be created to reflect any theme or branding of the event and feature more unique and upcycled products such as pallets, corrugated metal, gauze, wire fencing or anything you can think of, brought together by integrating LED video wall, LED lighting and projection technologies.