On the 20th June, we joined forces with Destination Florida to help them host and broadcast their very first Virtual Event to over 400 households; making for a fantastic night of celebrity appearances, quiz rounds hosted by some familiar faces, and a concert worthy collection of electrifying musical performances. With the current climate meaning their annual summer ball could no longer go ahead in its live form; and with donation and monies raised via these live events being the only way they are able to continue doing their amazing work, they were not prepared to let this hinder their ability to enable children with life limiting and threatening illnesses to have their holiday of a lifetime. Instead they adopted the attitude that if people could not get to the ball, they would bring the ball to them.

Live from Sterling Studio we provided full technical production management, pre-production support via video editing and the creation of onscreen graphics; and also developed a bespoke website platform for us to both live stream the event in HD and then provide the ability for viewers to watch the Summer Ball on demand.

With the Summer Ball hosted by Greatest Hits Radio Presenter Darren Proctor live from the Studio, the evening was a combination of live studio guest performances, pre-recorded video content and that all-important additional production value and flair that we always strive to deliver. The result was an amazing night of entertainment and fundraising; with donation opportunities aplenty: a silent auction, sponsorship, text to donate and pledge donations were all ways in which the viewers could contribute to the amazing cause which Destination Florida works so hard to support.

Check out the event highlights below, or watch the full evening of entertainment here!


If you are considering making your event virtual then make sure to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you! We have solutions available at all levels ranging from remote technical support for your video conference to give it that extra professional edge to creating a multi room virtual experience with audience interaction tools.