Blackmagic Designs HyperDeck Studio Pro Solid State Video Recorder

Blackmagic Designs HyperDeck Studio Pro Solid State Video Recorder

Barco EC-50 Compact Event Controller

Barco EC-50 Compact Event Controller

Barco S3-4K Presentation Switcher

Strong Presentation Switcher with 12 input channels
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Featuring 12 input channels, 4 PROGRAM outputs, 4 AUX outputs and 2 dedicated Multiviewer outputs, the S3-4K is the E2 image processor’s more compact sidekick. Under the hood, however, it boasts the same processing performance, image quality, flexibility and rugged durability. In short: all the tools you need to create a stunning live experience, in a single compact and roadworthy housing.

Video inputs

  • 12 inputs via 3 input cards (Event Master series cards) Up to 3 x 4K inputs - each input card supports up to 4K@60p 4 x SD/HD/3G SDI (6G ready) 4 x HDMI 1.4a (297 Mpix/sec max) 4 x DisplayPort 1.1 (330 Mpix/sec max)

Video outputs

  • 10 outputs via 3 output cards (Event Master series cards) Up to 2x 4K outputs - each output card supports up to 4K@60 p 4 x SD/HD/3G SDI (6G ready) 4x HDMI 1.4a (297 Mpix/sec max) 2 x HDMI 1.4a for Multiviewer (297 Mpix/sec max)


  • Analog reference input/loop on BNC connectors; bi-level and blackburst at SD and tri-level at HD S3D Sync: 4x input Din connector, 2x output Din connector

Program output

  • 4 program outputs configurable as single screens or tiled/blended widescreens Configurable from 4X 2048X1200@60 max to 1 x 4096x2400@60 max Independent edge blending/feathering control for all four sides

Scaled Aux outputs

  • User definable from 4 x 2048x1200@60 to 1 x 4K@60 Output color correction


  • Native resolution background mixer per output screen Independent layer transitions or full Preview/Program transition Flexible layer allocation – 4 mixable or 8 single scalable PIP/key layers assignable to any Program output screen

Still stores

  • Up to 100 HD stills available in background, Aux or PIP

Layer effects

  • Borders (hard, soft, halo) and drop shadows Color effects Strobe, H&V flip Luma key PIP moves via Keyframes


  • Flexible user-definable layouts Monitor all Inputs and Outputs, including Preview and Aux Two outputs Dedicated hardware same as E2 Event Master Processor


  • Easily expandable for larger display applications via proprietary links Link units to increase available Inputs and Outputs for larger tiled/blended widescreen applications Expansion via simple linking - up to 4 chassis S3-4K ships with the ability to link 2 chassis for expansion. Linking up to 4 chassis will be available in a future software release.


  • HDCP compliant


  • Event Master screen management software for PC or MAC Ethernet RJ-45, 1000/100/10 Mbps autosense